A man who was once a trusted friend of Simon Cowell has been accused of being involved in a plan to make millions from leaking Tulisa’s sex tape.

Chris Herbert, who is known for creating the Spice Girls and was MC Ultra’s manager *side eye*, was added as a defendant in the case after Tulisa claimed he was hoping to make £4million from selling the clip online.

And that’s not all. According to the Sun, Herbert had been signed up for a consultancy position on the X Factor, but after bosses found out he was involved in trying to launch an adult movie career for Tulisa, they’ve only gone and fired him! A spokesman said:

As a result of us becoming aware of the ongoing legal dispute between Tulisa and Mr Herbert, we have decided it is in everyone’s interest for him to not be involved in the forthcoming series.

Chris Herbert has been sacked from his X Factor role due to involvement in the sex tape plot

The music mogul may have to pay out a fortune in costs if he loses the case and also faces being dragged into a £100,000 privacy action by the 24-year-old singer as her lawyer Jonathan Coad claimed Herbert “played a pivotal role in commercial exploitation of the film”.

See if he actually made any money from the tape, he probably wouldn’t have been so bothered, but now he’s been fired with no millions from the sex tape he probably feels a little bit silly.

Tulisa has also accused four other men, including an adult movie maker, of involvement in the money making plan. And if you’re one of them we suggest you go into hiding now.