Let’s be real, there are few urban artists as hot as Angel. While Scorchers bad boy attitude creates a monsoon in our frenchies and THAT picture of Dappy’s surprisingly large third leg would almost make us brave a cat fight with Kaye Vassel to get a piece, Angel’s looks are simply heaven sent.

So when we heard that the Wonderful singer was single, we couldn’t wait to find out more. In a recent interview Angel told Young Voices:

I don’t have a girlfriend. I do have girls as friends but not one person that I am holding down right now. I am young free and single and ready to mingle! No I’m joking, honestly I am going out with my music right now. Music is my wife, I am dating that studio!

We’re not sure the studio can give you all the loving you need Angel, all though it would be a good place to get some…

But beware girls! He’s not down for the Ride or Die kind of chick, as one of his crazy Angelites took it a bit too far, he explained:

One girl did tell me that she’d take a bullet for me and that was kind of crazy,

Yikes, keep it classy ladies.