Stooshe seem to be dominating the girl group market since they popped onto the scene in a burst of hair dye, acrylic nails and lycra. Well known for their outlandish, attention grabbing outfits, which are just as memorable as their songs, I was pleasantly surprised with their outfits for GuliFest, the three day music festival held in Guilford, Surrey last weekend.


By far the best dressed of the whole group, Alexandra wore a pair of Ragged Priest inspired shorts, a black top and Doc Marten boots. By accessorising with a huge cross pendant, Alexandra brought attention to her enviable chest. And we think Cher Lloyd should ask her for tips on how to look good in hotpants, because this Stooshe girl wears them well.


Karis rocked out in a Rihanna-inspired ensemble consisting of high-waisted black shorts (this is how you stop them looking like granny pants Chelsee Healey) a studded crop top and of course no rock chick outfit is complete without a leather jacket and red Doc Marten boots (see her stomping about in them at the top of this article). Karis tied up her red curls with a bandanna and kept accessories minimal.


Known for being the quirky one in the group, Courtney did not disappoint in a white coca cola T-shirt, black and white patterned leggings and of course the classic leather jacket. Courtney’s piercings and black nail varnish exude wild child and that huge dog tag is definitely a main attraction. Let’s just hope she didn’t knock anyone out with it.