Victim 16-year-old Julie Sheriff

Sixteen-year-old Julie Sheriff lay in a coma for four months before dying after she was stabbed in the head with an Afro-comb by a fellow teenager over an arguments about a boy.

The girl who can’t be named for legal reasons is said to have driven a pin tailed Afro-comb through Sierra Leonean-born Sheriff’s left temple and into her skull after the two got into an argument about rumours the victim had been spreading on social networking sites about her boyfriend.

Witnesses of the attack, which happened at Clapham Junction on 7 May 2011, claimed that the 15-year-old took the comb out of a brown handbag before stabbing Sheriff in the collarbone and then the head.

Prosecutor Jonathan Tuner QC made reference to a statement a male witness told police. He told the court:

He described the defendant as reaching into her bag and pulling out a pin-tail comb and stabbing Julie with it not once but twice… The first was to Julie’s collarbone, but it barely penetrated, and it was the second blow that went into her making a noise, he said, like a noise it makes when we kill a goat back home.

A voicemail that was found by police on the suspect’s BlackBerry was played to the court at the Old Bailey saying:

Basically I was in Junction, yeah, and I see some girl that I hate. Like I actually hate her with a passion, and I kind of stab her.

The male witness told the court how he saw the attack happen but didn’t catch sight of a weapon.

The teenage defendant denies murder. The trial continues.