16-year-old victim Ben Morutare

A boy from Walsall who was stabbed in the leg as he tried to protect a friend at a birthday party has been named as 16-year-old Ben Morutare.

The teenager, who was known by his mates as ‘Lil Ben’, was reported to have noticed his friend being attacked by a gang near Smethwick Home Guard and Old Comrades club and went over to help him around 1.30 am on Friday night.

It’s claimed that Ben attended a party here at The Old Comrades Club

Ben was fatally stabbed in the leg and was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital but later died. It is reported that the brawl involved around 30 people outside the social club that was hosting a joint 17th and 18th birthday party for around 300 young guests.

A witness said:

A crowd of about 30 people attacked the boy who died. He had been defending his mate who was getting kicked on the ground by the gang. It’s just so sad he died like that.

Detective Inspector Gary Plant of West Midlands police has appealed for witnesses who may have attend the birthday party to come forward:

We have launched a murder investigation following the tragic loss of this young man’s life… We believe that this was an isolated incident and crime of this type is very rare… We are appealing for anyone to come forward who may have witnessed the incident or if they attended the club that night.

Anyone with any information is urged to call West Midlands police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.