Let’s face it, when The Voice first came onto our TV screens we thought great, another brand-spanking new talent show that we can pretend to hate.

With the BBC enticing us with the prospect of Jessie J and Will.i.am spinning on Big Brother-esque chairs while badgering us with the slogan “it’s not about looks, it’s all about the voice” no wonder viewing figures were high. But the highs didn’t last too long.

Back in July it was reported that The Voice tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales, which we imagined made X Factor boss Simon Cowell call some of his groupies for a night of champagne popping. Well the X Factor mogul can throw another party(and invite us) as it was reported in the Sun that The Voice had to cancel its Birmingham leg of auditions because only five people showed up. Yeah… five.

A spokeswoman said:

Saturday’s event was an open mic night organised by a local businessman… Our official auditions will run nationwide in August and September and we’ve had a huge, fantastic response. More than 25,000 people have already applied – a higher figure than last year.

*side eye*

Despite the wishful thinking, it’s clear that The Voice didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations; I mean winner Leanne Mitchell (yeah we had to Google her too) didn’t exactly reach Leona Lewis status. We just feel sorry for Reggie ‘presenter-of-two-failed-BBC-talent-shows’ Yates… life can’t be easy.