It’s fair to say that Dappy comes across as a bit of an attention seeker. I mean, if you’re going to release a track like Tarzan 2 and insult half the people in the music industry then you’re definitely looking for a reaction, right? Wrong, according to Tinchy Stryder who says that the N-Dubz star is just speaking his mind.

Tinchy told Digital Spy:

I feel like one thing I can say about Dappy is that he’s not saying anything for the sake of it. He is that controversial guy and he feels free to speak his mind and not a lot of people can do that. If he was pretending to be that then it wouldn’t be cool. But he didn’t think, ‘Let me do this for attention’. That was just on his mind, he spoke it, take it how you want, man.

The 25-year-old east London rapper also claims that Dappy isn’t intentionally looking to cause controversy:

He just probably thought, ‘I just feel like writing this’ and he’s done it and put it out there. Some parts are actually funny in there, there’s humour in there.

Well it’s definitely humorous, but completely innocent? We don’t think so.