Tinie Tempah sent some of his most dedicated fans on a wild goose chase around London today. The rapper has just launched his new Nike trainers on his Disturbing London label named Blazers and gave fans the opportunity to win some pairs.

All they had to do was look out for a tweet from the Frisky rapper that will give a clue as to where in London the trainers are being hidden.

Clue No.1

Answer: Greenwich Park!

Clue No.2

Answer: EMI HQ, W8, West London!

Clue No.3

Answer: The O2!

Clue No.4

Answer: Arsenal Football Club!

Clue No.5

Answer: Ok not so much a clue but the Basketball courts at Brick Lane!

Clue No.6

Answer: 1948 shop, Shoreditch!

Some fans were completely chuffed to grab a pair!

Aww bless ’em! Must have taken them right back to the school days!

Did you win a pair? Did you try but just missed out? What do you think of the trainers? ‘Like’ and comment below!