Now we know make up is supposed to be used as a tool to enhance women’s features. But we also know some women take it to the point of no return.

Then there are some who have truly taken magic into the realms of the occult. The make up is no longer make up, it is straight up juju/voodoo/magic. Whatever you wanna call it, the transformation is mind blowing!

So take a look at our countdown of our Top 5 UK Make Up Frauds.

No.5 – May7ven

Our favourite naija girl. We love her but we have to call her up on this one! In her before picture she’s looking so cute and fresh faced! But I guess when you move further within this industry you’re crying to look different but sometimes it’s just too much of a transformation. We like the original look May7ven! Keep that!


No.4 – Chelsee Healey

The Waterloo Road actress knows no bounds when it comes to slapping on the slap! But this is just taking the mick, surely! How can someone look so drastically different. I feel sorry for her makeup wipe!


No.3 – Funmi Ogunja

Naija Blogger and self-confessed worshipper of Kim Kardashian, London-based Funmi Ogunja wasn’t always a blooming flower. But these days she can be seen channelling the spirit of Kim K as seen in the ‘after’ pic!


No.2 – Shimmer Shibaar

UK’s answer to Nicki Minaj. Shimmer parades the Barbie flag high and everywhere she goes but I’m not sure how Barbie might feel about that make up! We couldn’t even find a picture of Shimmer without make up! She is hiding it pretty well. But it doesn’t take a genius to work out the amount of layers of slap she has on her face! So we’re guessing the transformation must be an armageddon kind of drastic. But we’ve held back just in case and put her in at number two.


No.1 – Jennie Jenkins

Jennie Jenkins aka Beauty by JJ is globally known for her makeup prowess. Now bear in mind this girl has 14 million youtube views, 10,000 Twitter followers and 101,000 subscribers on Youtube. It goes without saying her message is spreading far and wide – this MAC make up has truly turned to magic.

Controversy was caused in December 2011 when before and after pictures floated around social media alongside pretty mean comments! A hater-hacker even deleted her Youtube account! Very harsh!

But THIS is the photo that sparked the controversy last year:! She’s lightened about 15 shades up! One time she even said:


But hey, whatever floats your boat… maybe…?!