trevor nelson

After a less than impressive commentary on Friday night during the 2012 olympics opening ceremony, Trevor Nelson felt the wrath of the nation’s annoyance, as one extremely frustrated viewer changed the information on Trev’s Wikipedia page.

The 1Xtra DJ felt the need to keep shouting out family members that were apparently involved in the ceremony, but ended up sounding like a rapper giving shout outs to his mates on a pirate radio station.

The update to the Wikipedia page included a description of his poor presenting skills, even going as far as calling him a ‘bellend.’

trevor nelson hacked wikipedia

Keyboard warriors strike again!

Luckily the keyboard warrior didn’t feel victorious for long, as the update was quickly spotted and changed back. However, Wikipedia hasn’t let Trevor get away with disappointing viewers that easily and still addressed the issue by adding:

His commentary of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony was widely criticised in the media

A number of other people took to Twitter to have their say:

We bet he’s regretting those cringe one-liners now.