When we saw these pictures of Tulisa celebrating her 24th birthday at Ocean Beach Club, Ibiza, we began to wonder why the former N-Dubz singer went back to her chavtastic blonde hair. Two things spring to mind when we look at this hair colour, her raunchy tape with ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards and vomit.

With the tape behind her and Justin put in his place, Tulisa decided to hang out with a bunch of guys, get drunk and show off her body on the beach, with the world’s paparazzi watching. Hmm.

I thought Tulisa was on the road to fashion recovery as she rocked designer labels and business like attire during the X Factor shows. But alas, the Young singer dyed her hair a putrid shade of vomit, squeezed herself into a crop top (which she wore at Wireless) with high waisted camel toe creating shorts, and accessorised with a gold charm necklace (which she also wore at Wireless) *sigh*.

Tulisa fat in Ibiza

There is nothing to smile about Tulisa!

It seems Tulisa didn’t even have time to holla at her stylist before she jetted off on her holiday, as she lounged poolside with her friends in a very average looking bikini.

At least someone wasn’t complaining about the view…

We’re sure Simon Cowell is throwing a tantrum somewhere after seeing her revert back to her cubic zirconia in the rough look.