Tulisa Contosavlos’s lawyers have accused businessman Jim Deans of drafting up an email that was meant to be sent to singer threatening her to either keep schtum and get 50% of the sex tape’s profit or get “f*ck all”.


According to the Sun, the Young singer is set to sue Deans for £100,000 along with suspected co-conspirators Marino Franchi and Dennis Jared for breach of privacy.

Though he didn’t receive an email, Chris Herbert the former aide to X Factor boss Simon Cowell who had hoped to make a cool £4million from the six minute clip, is also being sued for the same amount for his involvement.

However, according to businessman Deans, the allegations made against him are “very much in doubt”.

Well it looks like Tulisa may have been right, these men definitely messed with the wrong woman. Let’s hope that she’ll use her winnings wisely put money towards getting rid of that awful blonde hair.