Tulisa Throws Up Gang Signs

Another day, another scandal involving Tulisa. Not one to stand by and watch her cousin Dappy get all the media attention it seems, the self proclaimed Female Boss has decided to cause some more controversy by throwing up gang signs while shooting a music video on Sunday.

The 23-year-old was spotted making the ‘C’ sign, which is a well known symbol used by north London gang Church Road Soldiers (aka Crime Scene Boys). However, she insists that she was only paying tribute to her hometown of Camden, no doubt in an attempt to protect her new and cleaner image for X factor.

Tulisa explained in a statement:

When I was holding my hands in the C sign, this was as a tribute to Camden, my home town and where N-Dubz began. 

I am not aware that this sign has anything to with any street gang and I 100 per cent do not endorse any gang violence in any form.

Erm, did Simon Cowell write this for you?

Despite trying to convince us all that she’s innocent, we can’t ignore the fact that Tulisa was actually filming on the Church End Estate in Harlesden where the notorious gang are based. Or is that just a coincidence?

Back to low budget videos already? Filming on the Church End Estate

Rapper Nines was also on set and has previously been seen making the ‘C’ sign in his own videos as homage to the Church Road Soldiers. Or is that just another coincidence?
And is it just us or does this video shoot look strangely similar to her earlier videos with N Dubz? She’s even sporting her usual chav chic style.

Did someone say Na Na Niiii?

An onlooker said:
She was strutting around throwing gang signs and hanging around outside the blocks of flats.She was swearing and trying to fit in with the other people who were around her from the estate.
It seems that the X Factor judge is trying to prove that she’s still Tulisa from the block and not Simon Cowell’s new puppet.