Celebrities by now are used to the media saying negative things about them, it comes with the territory.

And while most people rise above it, one person who can never just let it go is Tulisa Contostavlos. Every time something bad is said about her (which is pretty much everyday), she can’t help but go off on a rant and quite frankly we’re getting very bored of it.

This time the X Factor Judge has lashed out at the media for starting rumours about ‘beef’ with fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger

She tweeted:

[tweet https://twitter.com/officialtulisa/status/227021977469198336]

[tweet https://twitter.com/officialtulisa/status/227022736923455488]

(Note that Nicole neither replied to Tulisa’s tweet or discussed the alleged beef on Twitter, at all. Perhaps because she just doesn’t care that much?)

It’s about time Tulisa familarised herself with the phrase “haters gonna hate” because we can’t see the media laying off her anytime soon.