The hilarious Usain Bolt Virgin Media advert has been dubbed as “misleading” and has been banned by the advertising watchdog.

The multimillion-pound TV campaign which features the Jamaican Olympic Athlete dressed up as Sir Richard Branson, was made to promote Virgin’s £110m move to double broadband speed for its internet customers and has been banned following a complaint by rival internet service provider BT.

BT submitted a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority because it had an issue with the promise by Virgin that customers would be able to say “bye-bye to buffering and hello to a superfast broadband”, claiming that Virgin Media’s 4.1 million broadband customers would still experience buffering, and that the TV campaign was misleading.

According to The Guardian, a Virgin Media spokeswoman said that the tone of the TV ad was clearly light-hearted and that the company was not making an “absolute claim” about the end of buffering. She said:

When one of the world’s leading athletes dresses up as a world famous entrepreneur, complete with stuck-on blond beard and space helmet, and says he wants everyone to ‘wave bye-bye’ to buffering – this should not be taken as an absolute claim that no Virgin Media customer will ever experience buffering ever again,

Will you be sad to say “bye-bye” to Usain?