vanity wonders 2012

Eamonn clearly likes big butts, and his face cannot lie

A 30-year-old woman from the US appeared on ITV’s this morning on Monday, to reveal the horrors she went through to increase her bum size and how she regrets the procedure.

Vanity Wonder spent £10,000 on her ‘take-up-two-seats’ bum, but this mother-of-two didn’t pop down to her local plastic surgeon. Oh no. She decided to get back-street injections. Vanity told the show’s hosts that she didn’t even know what was being injected into her behind.

She said she used soy bean oil, but in doing research and thinking back on it I don’t believe her. Every time after that I made sure that I had medical grade silicone

Soybean oil!? Does that even sound medical? Most people use Soybean oil to cook or sprinkle over salad, this is the first I’ve heard of it being used in someone’s arse. Vanity also explained how painful and disgusting the procedure was, though it didn’t stop her from going back for more.

The first two times I went I had nine injections in each cheek, subsequently after that I was getting 120 in both cheeks. It feels like lightning, it’s a pain that seizes up your leg. It leaks as they’re doing it, so they seal it with super glue.

The mother-of-two before her procedures

Though Vanity wasn’t always the crazy type who enjoyed patching up her derriere with Pritt Stick. Once upon a time she thought butt implants were ‘terrible’ and ‘stupid’, but after seeing her friends get it done, she changed her mind.

After being a year in that environment where everybody was doing it, and it wasn’t so much of a foreign concept as much as it was when I was first introduced to it, I was like, well I might as well try it. It was an obsession, it did become kind of addictive, but more so than that there was a point where it got infected, so I was left with all these lumps all over my butt, and I had a choice.I could stay with a medium-sized lumpy butt, that looked like a sack of oranges, or just keep padding it with silicone to make it bigger

Fortunately we couldn’t find any pictures of her lumpy butt, but we’re sure the description will put you off back-street surgeries for life. The former dancer now wishes her bum was smaller and is warning girls about the dangers of the procedure in her book Shot Girls.

Her last surgery was in May 2011 and Vanity admits that she only stopped because she almost went to jail for organising butt shot appointments for an OAP. *sigh*