Theo Walcott may not be wearing this shirt for much longer

First Robin Van Persie, now it seems Theo Walcott might be next to walk out on the Premiership club.

Yesterday, star player Van Persie announced he will not be renewing his contract with Aresnal to the shock of many Gunners’ fans and it seems that includes Walcott.

Apparently Walcott and Van Persie have a close friendship both on and off the pitch. With that in mind, a source close to the player has said Van Persie’s decision will have a big impact on Walcott’s final decision.

Walcott, who is also nearing the end of his contract at the club, is currently earning £55,000 a week but Arensal F.C are trying to convince the 23-year-old forward to stay by shooting up his earnings to £80,000 a week!

If that can’t convince him then I don’t know what can!