If we were engaged to Amber Rose we would find it very difficult to find any other woman as attractive. But Wiz Khalifa said in a recent interview that he rated Tulisa Contostavlos and Ny 5 out of 5 in the looks department.

The Work Hard Play Hard rapper was asked for his opinion on the UK female artists. Like a true gentleman he had nothing but compliments to give.

When asked what he thought of Tulisa, who according to FHM this year is the sexiest chav woman in the world, he said:

I mean, she’s a pretty young lady…You know what, I’m giving everybody a 5

How diplomatic.

Wiz also gave Ny a 5 after claiming that she was surely a ‘very nice girl’.

The final lady the Pittsburgh star was asked to rate was none other than the hottest character on our TV screens: Heather Trott from Eastenders. And it seems like she made quite an impression:

Aww Heather…she gets a 10. She’s double the fun.

Watch out Amber. You may have some competition from a female with a whole different set of curves. And this woman can wear headbands too.

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