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Afrobeats superstar WizKid has released a new video for his track Dance For Me, and while we’re all excited to hear WizKid’s new song our eyes can’t help but be glued to the leading lady of the video Chenai Rochelle.

Twitter was going crazy yesterday as everyone wondered who “that” girl was, but here at the Pappzd HQ we knew instantly that it was the exotic Face 4 Music model. Speaking to Pappzd the 24-year-old spoke of her experience on set with WizKid saying

 I had really good fun, amazing experience, and I felt really well looked after.

Well Chenai certainly looked like she enjoyed herself on set, and her and WizKid seem to have a lot of chemistry in the video. It was only a couple of weeks ago that WizKid was looking for love in London, we wonder if he found it on set. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Check out the video above and some photos of Chenai below.