Garage DJ and producer Wookie has revealed that he feels there is no such thing as Black British music any more because all music genres have combined to form a more commercial sound.

He explained:

Back in the day I used to get asked to remix a song to get played in the clubs. Now I’m being asked to do remixes for the radio, because our music is no longer underground, it is commercial.

The 40-year-old veteran DJ, who is best known for his garage hits Battle, Little Man and more recently his funky house instrumental Gallium, believes that the Black British music scene is now being exploited by the mainstream.

We always make up a new style of music and everyone jumps on it, like Skrillex with dubstep. My gripe with it is; it is not dubstep. Where I come from, reggae music is synonomous with those two words, dub and steppers and I don’t hear anything from those elements in dubstep music.

Wookie also has a bone to pick with current music producers who rely too heavily on computer technology to create beats.

A lot of producers actually can’t play (an instrument) or even have a key board in their studio. As far as they are concerned everything can be drawn in on a computer.

Music usually needs melody but some current music is just has a beat and noise. I remember hearing some of the new dubstep stuff and thinking, what the hell is this? How are you supposed to dance to this?

Do you agree? Is Black British music no longer a stand alone genre of its own? Comment below.