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Just when I was running out of beautiful women to look at, the latest video for west London singer Kyra landed in my inbox and ladies and gentlemen when I say she looks stunning, I am not exaggerating.

The talented singer was joined by Cashtastic, who lent a verse to her catchy single Good Love. And at the end of the clip Wretch 32 makes a brief cameo, giving Kyra that cheeky little smile of his before they take a picture together.

Other stars who make cameos in the vid are Wizzy Wow, Jamal Edwards, Kojo the Comedian and many more. We were in the video too but clearly didn’t make the final cut.

Kyra took to her Twitter account to thank all her fans for their support, saying:

And I’m overwhelmed by your beauty, but you don’t see me writing an article about it! Check out the video above.