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We all love us a half naked man, especially when he’s got the body for it and isn’t afraid to show it off. *cough* Balotelli *cough*. But another star who got me into a sticky situation, if you know what I mean, was Young Spray who decided to get half naked for his Behind Barz freestyle with Link Up TV.

The north London rapper took his top off and kept his shades on for the freestyle, which is a bit strange considering there is zero sun in Britain right now, though maybe it was just getting hot in the studio. And I’m not really complaining.

Even Chip got excited by the freestyle tweeting:

The talented star clearly has a lot of fans and we reckon this is the reason why he decided to show off his chest, making it extremely hard for the ladies at Pappzd to focus on what he was rapping about.

And you know what would really help us, if Young Spray made his way down to the Pappzd office, topless of course, and explained every lyric in detail. Yh that would help us a lot.