All the excitement of Day One at Africa Fashion Week London made me itch to go back and experience more of the talents of the amazing designers. So on day two of the highly anticipated event, I hopped in a taxi and made my way to Spitalfields Market to see what the designers had in store for me.

Africa Fashion Week London is a collaborative fashion exhibition, highlighting the industry’s premier African prints and designers. The show is at the fore front of capturing the surge of the African inspired trends in the fashion industry, which doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Check out our highlights from Day One here

Day 2 

George Adesegun

George Adesegun Couture marries colours and textures of African fabrics with the shapes of Western design. However the inspiration behind his handcrafted corsetry is the aim of enhancing the feminine silhouette. With three decades of experience and now working out of his studio in Lincolnshire, the creator of the exquisite bespoke bridal and evening pieces is a darling of British gentry and Nigerian First Ladies alike and is very selective of the fashion shows he participates in.

Brigitte Merki

Born to a Swiss Ghanaian family, Brigitte Merki-‐Ibrahim, the woman behind the label Brigitte Merki (BM) juxtaposes her two cultures through the use of elements of traditional Ghanaian material influenced by European fashion trends. She experiments with natural fibres like cane, seagrass, leaves and feathers to create eclectic and spectacular designs for contemporary women.

House of Tayo

House Of Tayo aims to showcase African Sophistication, style and flavor through contemporary, locally made clothing and accessories. With style influences ranging from the Motown era to the works of Ozwald Boateng, they seek to combine elegance and class with a strong sense of African Heritage and iconography. The name “Tayo” is derived from Matayo which is the Swahili & Kinyarwanda version of Matthew.


Striking, intricate and timelessly beautiful, the jewellery of luxury boutique label, Joansu celebrates travel and movement.Each piece embodies a different memory and speaks to those untold stories that are hidden behind the facades of buildings, oozing from charming natural settings, captured in quiet street corners and reflected in the conversations with cultures and people encountered en route.

Handmade from the finest materials including precious metal, precious stones, resin and textiles (such as wax printed textiles – Ankara), the bold Joansu Women and Joansu Heros (Men) collections are part of a limited edition to guarantee exclusivity.

Joansu’s symbol originates from the royal traditional Kente, a visual art form and a source of ancient wisdom in Ghana. The six slender golden strokes in the symbol mimic the Mmeeda Kente geometrical pattern; a pattern that translates to “something that has not happened before”; a subtle reminder to approach each day in that spirit: full of wonder, anticipation and love.

MMD Design

MMD Design is a chic and sophisticated fashion label established by Mamé. Sourcing her African roots for inspiration Mamé predominantly uses the finest traditionally hand woven Ethiopian fabrics to create her timeless look.

When it comes to her creations, simple yet elegant designs with special attention given to details are Mame’s signature trademarks. Beautiful detailing is the philosophy behind MMD Design. The collection consists of unique and exclusive women’s line that includes evening gowns and bridal gowns.