There’s nothing better than taking a few days out to experience one of the most diverse fashion weeks right on your doorstep. Last week we hot-footed it down to Africa Fashion Week London to scope out the talent, and as you can probably guess we weren’t disappointed. Jostling among the photographers in the press pit, we were just a  few arm spans away from the end of the catwalk, and we are going to share it all with those of you that couldn’t see it for yourselves.

For any of you who haven’t heard of the show, Africa Fashion Week London is a collaborative fashion exhibition, highlighting the industry’s premier African prints and designers. The show is at the fore front of capturing the surge of the African inspired trends in the fashion industry, which doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Day 1

Rya-V Jewellery

Rya-V Jewellery specialises in selling a wide range of beautiful, eye-catching fashion Jewellery aimed at high fashion trends.

As a dynamic and exciting company, they aim to provide their customers with one of the most exciting jewellery ranges. They choose each item with care to make sure that each piece is of the highest quality, offering an array of styles such as beaded Jewellery, vintage inspired, modern and contemporary designs.

House of Marie

House Of Marie is one of Nigeria’s leading fashion design houses, with a store and distribution center in the United States. The official Fashion Line/Brand was launched in Spring 2009 by Joan Ibuzo with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Today House Of Marie boasts and operates a female full High-End apparel line and a Low-End clearance offshoot to satisfy a larger clientele.


Elfrida’s elegant evening wear fuses traditional African prints with sexy modern silhouettes to create a collection suitable for a wide range of people. The billowing shapes and bold choice of fabrics make this collection stand out from some of the designers who play it safe.

Rouch by Ronke

Ronke Ladipo, the model turned image consultant turned fashion designer is a very talented lady. Even before she began her modelling career, Ronke always had drive and determination. She did what she wanted to no matter what and this attitude is what has brought her this far. She recently launched her fashion line, ROUCH, which showcased at the African Fashion week in New York.

MIA By Mia Nisbet

MIA by Mia Nisbet fuses recycled fabrics and traditional Malawian textiles to produce a collection that combines the richness of African textiles with Western styling.

The street markets in Malawi sell large volumes of second-hand clothing imported from the US, Europe and elsewhere. This cheap second hand clothing has made it very difficult for locally produced garments to compete in the local market.

Mia works with producers in Malawi to create ranges which turn this challenge into an opportunity. Collections are designed and marketed to an international fashion market. Profits are reinvested in communities in Malawi as well as in the training, equipment and infrastructure needed to increase market access and create sustainable livelihoods.