Aggro Santos Rape Trial

A court heard today how rapper and former I’m A Celebrity contestant Aggro Santos allegedly raped a woman in her twenties after she told him he was ugly and he couldn’t sing.

Chichester Crown court was told how both the 23-year-old and his manager invited the victim and her friend back to their hotel room at Yeovil Court Hotel after he had performed at a club earlier that evening.

A video interview was played to the court where the victim describe how herself and her friend went back to the hotel room on 25 September 2010. She admitted having consensual sex with Aggro’s manager while her friend went into another room with the rapper. She then went on to reveal how the rapper returned to the room exposing himself while insinuating sex before she asked:

Does it piss you off that your manager gets more female attention than you?

She then described to the court how he swore at her and pushed her down to the bed before rapping her in front of her friend and his manger. She continued:

 I just went crazy and managed to get him off me and wanted to get out of the room… He got in front of me, I said he was sick. He kept repeating ‘I have been blessed, I have been blessed by Jesus’… At that point I was really scared, I realised how powerful he was.

Aggro (real name Yuri Santos) is also being charged with the rape of a 16-year-old girl. His cousin Tyrelle Ritchie is also being charged for the incident which happened in west Sussex on 7 May in a hotel room in Chichester. Ritchie denies one count of oral rape while Aggro denies two counts of rape.

The trial continues.