Let’s face it, the whole So Solid Crew phase is very much dead. And even though some of the members have been successful in other non musical careers, there have been no no.1 tracks since the band ‘split up’.

But Ashley Walters still wont give up his musical dream, despite wowing the nation in a number of TV dramas and films and proving that acting is what he was born to do. The 30-year-old star has recorded a track with with BGT judge Alesha Dixon called Your Love and everyone loves a bit of Dixon, so if he’s lucky the single might even chart! He said:

I am really excited to be working with Alesha. We had fun creating the track in the studio. She has a great voice and brings a different vibe.
I wanted us to create something very distinct from my previous work. I always try to write from my own personal experiences and this track reflects events in my journey. It’s about change and moving forward positively. I hope you like it!!

So it wont have anything to do with your mate Harvey cheating on Alesha then no?