Alex tweeted this pic with the caption: “di gal den sugar!” Show off.

When it comes to her music career, we’re struggling to remember the last song Alexandra Burke is supposed to have brought out. We know she has a good voice, but honestly, we don’t know the last time we actually heard her use it to sing.

However, we could tell you a million different times we’ve seen the former X Factor winner at a nightclub with her arms wrapped round some celebrity’s neck, who she’s claiming to be BFFs with that week. So it’s no surprise that Alex appeared to go H.A.M while the Olympic athletes were in town and even bagged herself a cosy picture with the very attractive Team USA sprinter, Ryan Bailey… not once, but twice!

Not only did Ms Burke bump into the American hottie at the Roundhouse Olympic after party thrown by Club Bud on Sunday night, the pair also partied Monday night away at DSTRKT, along with model Jourdan Dunn.

Of course Alex posted her chummy snaps on Twitter for all her followers to see how hard she’s been working much fun she’s been having and all the celebs faces she’s spotted. Here are a few that caught our attention:

Alex drapes herself over Ryan Bailey again. We don’t really blame her to be honest.

Getting the drinks in with Jourdan Dunn

Posing with retired boxer Lennox Lewis

alexandra burke and lala vasquez

She met Lala Anthony?! Ok now we’re officially jealous.

She even managed to convince Lala Anthony to take a picture with her! Alex we take our hat off to you. And we also think you should consider adding ‘London socialite and celeb stalker’ to your bio.