Well you already know that we were at the Relaxation Generation mini-festival on Sunday for the launch of Marley’s Mellow Mood drinks. While we came to work, we noticed that some people came dressed to impress, and what with Brick Lane being a fashionista hotspot itself, we can’t say we were surprised or disappointed.

Here’s Maverick Sabre holding up a t-shirt from new fashion label Cuckoo’s Nest (honestly, we don’t mind the free plug). Cuckoo’s Nest was recently voted best brand at the recent Bread and Butter fashion event in Berlin.

We also snapped some festival-goers who caught our eye with their unique styles and asked them to tell us about their style inspirations. Take a look for yourself and let us know who you think looked the best.

Above: Emma, 24 years old.
Fashion Inspiration: My Mum

Above: Samantha Lawson, Actress (currently performing in the RSC’s Julius Caesar)
Fashion Inspiration: Just me.

Above: Kate Balding, 28 years old.
Fashion Inspiration: The 1970’s

Above: Danielle, 24 years old & friend Shell 29 years old.
Fashion inspiration: Celebrities

 Above: Mollie, 20 years old.
Fashion inspiration: London

Above: Carla Jaye, 19 years old.
Fashion Inspiration: Brick Lane

So what do you think? Were you there on Sunday, sorry if we didn’t spot you. Please send in your pictures (use this page) and we’ll add your outfit if we like them. If we don’t we’ll just pretend we didn’t receive your email…