After 70 days of being stuck in the Big Brother house 27-year-old Adam Kelly has come second in tonight’s live final show.

The former LA Crips gang member who had only been put up for eviction once in week eight but was saved by the public saw himself sitting in the final alongside his best friends Deana Uppal and Luke Anderson who went on to win the show.

Before he entered the House Adam admitted that he wanted to leave his past demons behind him telling Big Brother:

The longest time I’d ever spent in jail was eight months, I got fraud, assault, breaking an entry and burglary… It’s in the past, it’s not who I am today

When asked by presenter Brian Dowling if he was disappointed that he didn’t win the show and the £50,000 prize money he said:

You know what I ain’t homeless I ain’t living on the street, I’m just happy to be here

Though he portrayed himself as a tough guy, Adam showed his sensitive and emotional side in house arguments particularly with former contestant Shievonne Robinson. The public also saw the Burton-on-Trent born bad boy fall for 20-year-old Lauren Carre. Yeah… you know the one that gave him an erection on national TV.

In tonight’s live interview Adam admitted that he would love to take Lauren out on a date. Could we be seeing an after show romance?