Seven athletes from Cameroon have disappeared

Probably one of the strangest and most humorous of all the stories from the London Olympics, is that seven of Cameroon’s athletes have ‘disappeared’ from the Olympic village since being eliminated.
And no it’s not some sort of alien abduction story, nothing that strange, rather these seven athletes apparently ran away to find asylum in the UK, or somewhere else in Europe.

It started off as a rumour, but yesterday the Cameroon mission head confirmed it in a letter to the Cameroonian Sports Ministry, saying:

What began as rumour has finally turned out to be true. Seven Cameroonian athletes who participated at the 2012 London Olympic Games have disappeared from the Olympic Village.

Among those missing are five boxers, one swimmer, and the reserve women’s goalkeeper. Apparently Drusille Ngako, the reserve goalkeeper snuck off while her teammates went to Coventry for their last game against New Zealand, and the rest decided to do the same shortly after. The athletes have visas which allow them to remain in the country until November, so have done nothing wrong, YET. However if they still don’t turn up after that month, home office is going to have to send a search team out.

Well, good luck to whoever is given the job trying to find them, because with London so busy at the moment, we don’t even know where they would start.