Poor Chelsee Healey, we’ve warned her about her outfits but she refuses to listen to us. And two ladies who have also been offended by her clothes took things a bit too far today, when they verbally abused her as she walked through Manchester during a shopping trip.

Healey was wearing an all white outfit that included a pair of studded Jeffrey Campbells. And despite the lovely shoes, her choice of clothing was quite awful, but to shout at someone in the street, telling them they don’t look good is a little bit harsh.

The women, who were apparently in their late 40s, shouted “Oh look at you, who do you think you are?”and heckled the 23-year-old star as she was minding her own business.

Chelsee was understandable upset and embarrassed, but managed to laugh it off and carry on shopping with her mates. Now we would probably laugh at someone in the street if we could see their bra through their top, but we wouldn’t shout mean things.

Shame on you Chelsee Healey haters!