Chelsee Healey Dresses Up as Grease's Sandy

Chelsee Healey has not had a good time of it in the past few months as the press has been pretty harsh about her abhorrent misguided dress sense.

But she seems to have come to her senses as she kept it simple in all black, proving that simple always works best.

Chelsee was spotted when she went out on a shopping trip in Swinton, Manchester on Saturday as she visited Natasha Giggs beauty salon, Peace and Pout. Following being heckled on the streets of Manchester by two ladies who let her know in no uncertain terms how little they thought of her dress sense, Chelsee seems to have turned down the clash-o-meter and has gone for a much more simple, dare we say classy look.

Chelsee donned a pair of super tight black leggings and an off the shoulder top as she chanelled Sandy from Grease in this super skinny outfit which showed off Chelsee’s toned body.

She added a peach handbag, studded Jeffery Campbell Lita Boots and accessorised with Vivienne Westwood earrings. Chelsee had her traditional make-up on with a Scouse brow, false lashes and pale lipstick, as well as a high topknot with a small quiff at the front.

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