Chip has finally given us some insight into his groundbreaking (we use that word very, very loosely) name change from Chipmunk to Chip. The north London star changed his name in January and in an interview with Flavour Magazine explained why saying

I’m getting older, I always thought, how can I be 35 and still be called Chipmunk, knowing it was a bad nickname that stuck. I thought, I’m 21, new direction, new team, newish name

Yes, we think it’s ridiculous too. But to be honest naming yourself after something you eat with fish, isn’t very sexy or mature either.

Though we may decide to forgive him if the collaborations he says he’s working on with the likes of Meek Mill, Mavado, and Iggy Azaela turn out to be any good. Let’s hope so, or he has a lot to do before we let him off for his bad choice in names!