clement marfo on stage

Pixie Lott was left mortified last month when she turned up at The Dark Knight Rises premiere with some pretty visible armpit hair. However, that doesn’t seem to have put Clement Marfo off, as he’s admitted that has a bit of a crush on the the 21-year-old singer.

Clement told Matt Edmonson:

I’ve got a thing for Pixie Lott. I think she’s a very seductive lady, she doesn’t know it. I guess she doesn’t know she’s seductive, she’s very innocent looking.

Well if you like girls that don’t own razors or that ‘au naturel’ vibe then Pixie is definitely the one for you.

The Champion star also revealed that he isn’t the only one with a crush, as he believes Jordan from Rizzle Kicks fancies T4 presenter Jameela Jamil.

I think one of them has got a soft spot for Jameela Jamil. I noticed something. I think it’s Jordan. She is very sexy… her legs, oh my goodness.

Pixie Lott or Jameela Jamil? We know who we’d choose.