dappy n dubz

It’s no surprise that some celebs these days think the world revolves around them. After all, when the courts are changing the date of a trial to fit around your work schedule, you can safely assume that you’re pretty important. And you’d be pushed to find someone that considers themselves more important than Dappy.

The N-Dubz front man was charged with affray earlier this year, after being accused of getting involved in a brawl at a petrol station in Surrey. However, the trial has now been delayed so that Dappy can go on tour.

The No Regrets star apparently instigated the fight, which was said to have left three men with ‘serious facial injuries’.

A plea and case management hearing was held today, with Dappy and his three co-defendants Kieran Patrick Vassell, Kalonji David Stewart and Alfred James Miller, all denying the charges.

During the hearing Dappy’s lawyer, Jimmy Vakil, explained:

My client is in the music industry and he has a number of commitments. His debut [solo] album is out on October 8 and he is on tour from November 28 to December 21. £1 million has been invested in him and the band [by the record company]. The only way this money can be made back is if it’s properly promoted.

The judge has agreed with the proposal and set a date for the trial on 8 January. Clearly he didn’t want to feel the wrath of a bunch of angry N-Dublets.