fazer n dubz 2012

It seems that while other members of N Dubz prefer to make the most of airing their dirty laundry and court cases in public for the media attention they so desperately crave, Fazer has been quietly taking some legal action of his own. And there’s not a YouTube video, Twitter rant or diss track in sight.

Fazer filed a complaint against Heat magazine after they published an untrue story back in February, which accused him of cheating on ex-girlfriend Tulisa with a woman he met at a nightclub last year.

The headline read:  “Exclusive: ‘Fazer cheated on Tulisa with me… Fazer told me he didn’t have a girlfriend – then we kissed’,” however the Killer star strongly denies these claims and although he admits that he met the girl and danced with her, he didn’t tell her he was single, nor did he kiss her.

The 25-year-old also noted that Heat had not contacted him for a quote before publishing the story and provided a witness statement from his stylist who had been with him at the club and confirmed that there was no lip locking.

In Heat’s poor defence, they explained that they had not approached Fazer for a quote because they had been confident of it’s accuracy. So according to them, any girl that confirms they’ve kissed a celeb must be telling the truth.

The Press Complaints Commission agreed that Heat had published misleading information:

The magazine had published detailed claims about the complainant, including that he had been deceptive and unfaithful to his girlfriend. Although the magazine had taken a witness statement from the woman prior to publication and had obtained a further statement from the journalist, it was unable to provide direct corroborating evidence, such as a photograph, of the kiss.

Now can the rest of you attention whores take note please: THIS is how you take care of bad press. Fazer, we salute you.