Seems like the Cameroonian athletes aren’t the only ones who didn’t feel like going home after the Olympics, as it has been reported that some of the team from Congo have also gone missing. Four members of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Olympic team have disappeared, including their judo coach, boxing trainer and technical director of athletics.

The fourth absentee is Cedric Mandembo, who competed in judo. He has not been seen since the closing ceremony on Sunday.

The news comes as five of the Cameroonian athletes, who were revealed to have done a runner last week, have supposedly asked to be able to stay, not for economic reasons, but because they don’t get the kind of support they want in their home country.

Also said to have gone walkies are members of the Sudanese and Ethiopian teams, bringing the number of runaway athletes reported to 15, a number immigration officials think will increase when the Olympic athlete’s visas run out in November.

All we can say is that whoever was in charge of keeping an eye on the athletes, hasn’t been doing a very good job.