After much speculation over Giggs’ whereabouts for the last few months, Pappzd can confirm that the rapper has now been released from prison, where he had been awaiting trial on firearm charges.

And since the news of his release broke this evening, it looks like we’re not the only ones who are glad to have him back. Our Twitter timelines were covered in ‘welcome back’ messages for the SN1 star, which even lead to ‘Giggs’ trending at one point.

Skepta got the ball rolling, tweeting a picture of him and Giggs with a subliminal message that implied he’d been found innocent:

He then also made reference to a track the pair had recorded together:

Giggs’ brother Joe Grind has remained pretty tight lipped up to this point on where his brother has been, but finally confirmed the news himself:

And Giggs even appears to have received a phone call from the Godfather of Grime:

Black The Ripper and Gunna Dee also had a few words for the police:

Lethal B kept it short and sweet (we’re surprised he didn’t say DENCH):

Welcome back Giggs. We have to admit we’ve missed that deep voice of yours.