We all love a bit of Roll Deep, especially Mr Jason Black aka J2K. But seeing as the only ‘product’ of his I’ll be able to spray on myself would be a trainer protector, I think now would be a good time, to stop hanging around his front door in my underwear.

J2K recently launched the website for Crep Protect, a water and stain repellent that reduces stains. And unlike all those bottles of liquid some overweight divorcee tries to sell you in your local shopping centre, apparently this actually works. The idea was conceived by J2K and three other entrepreneurs. He tweeted:

The grime star has already received support from various celebs such as Reggie Yates, Charlie Sloth and Wiley.

So if you’ve just had a fight with your boyfriend and you know he has a beloved trainer collection, cover them in ketchup, chocolate and coke and just when he’s about to throw his TV at you, present him with a can of crep protect and voila! Relationship saved.