Jessie J no longer looks like the monster that hid under our beds when we were young

It seems there is a God after all, as Jessie J has finally gotten rid of that awful man who had a thing for dressing her up in clown and Hallowen costumes.

The Domino singer had worked with stylist Karl Willett for a while, but she felt it was high time to get rid of the awful catsuits and start looking like a real person. Jessie is hoping to reinvent herself with the help of Cobbie Yates, the brother of Reggie Yates. And he seems to be doing a fantastic job already as the 24-year-old showed off a dramatic transformation when she performed a gig at London’s Roundhouse venue a few days ago wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress and strappy sandals.

Jessie met Cobbie on the Voice, where he was on set to dress his brother Reggie. Earlier this year, Jessie revealed to Grazia that she had grown tired of her style and wanted a change. She said:

I started to look like a cartoon character with the fringe and the cat suits. Yes, I want to change and mix it up. I want to change my hair, change my style. I want to be allowed to grow.

And we want to be able to look at you without our eyes watering!