JLS Rock Two Different Looks Before Marvin's Wedding
Of all the things to do before your big day, shopping seems like a good way to relax, and that’s exactly what the JLS boys did before Marvin and Rochelle’s wedding. On August 4 the boys headed to a private location to meet with selected guests and the press ahead of the event the following day.

And the boys chose to keep it casual in some of the best UK streetwear brands including  Money Clothing and Forreduci shades, which was completely different to the look they went for the day after…

The boys were snapped on the way back home from Marvin and Rochelle’s wedding looking super smart. Even though Ortise still hid his oddly shaped head in a cap,  Aston conveniently lost his jacket on the way so he could show off his beloved chest, and JB was made to carry his girlfriend’s flip flops, they still looked wedding appropriate. Sorry boys, nothing gets past us!

So what’s the verdict, do you like the boys dressed smartly, or do you prefer their casual look?