Linford Christie’s son Liam Oliver-Christie, has just been jailed for 15 months, after letting two friends deal drugs from his house and getting caught.

You would think after his father’s drug related issues, Liam would try and keep away from anything illegal, but apparently not. His dad was once banned from competing after testing positive for a banned steroid, but he was later cleared of the charges.

A drug raid of Liam’s place last year, in which he cleverly tried to jump out of the ground floor window, ended in a haul of crack cocaine and heroin being found, and the 26-year-old was caught with £130 pounds on him, his payment for letting his flat be used. His ‘friends’ Luc Mangoung and Muyiwa Famujimi were also jailed for five years, and 30months respectively.

Liam’s lawyer tried to play the ‘absent daddy’ card by claiming Liam’s actions were influenced by the fact that ‘he has suffered throughout his life and perhaps not necessarily received the benefits he might have got by being the son of Linford Christie.’ Liam and his sister Korel were a result of Linford’s affair with their mum, and so they didn’t have much contact with him growing up, but received maintenance from him.

Poor Liam. We don’t all have superstar Olympic gold medallists as daddies, but manage to somehow stay out of trouble.

His father had no comment to make when asked, and didn’t show up to his son’s trial.