We’re all well aware of footballer Mario Ballotelli’s ability to behave badly, and it seems he’s been up to no good again.

The Man City footballer had an 18 month affair while still dating his now ex, Raffaela Fico, or that is what a teenage waitress in Italy is claiming anyway.

Dahiana Rojas, who is also known as the mystery girl Mario was seen with during Euro 2012, says she was dating Mario while he was with Raffaela, but she had no idea he was taken… right.

Mario with Dahiana in Krakow

The 19-year-old is quoted as calling him ‘sweet, tender and humble’ which doesn’t sound like the Balotelli we know. Rojas claimed that he pulled up beside her in a red Ferrari and asked her out on a date. She then gave him her number and the pair spent an evening together at a local nightclub.

Rojas and Balotelli’s relationship apparently blossomed, however things got complicated when the waitress saw a picture of Balotelli with Raffaella and found out he was not single.

Despite this, the pretty brunette flew over to Krakow to meet him during the Euro games and said Balotelli never mentioned his possible baby mama.

Oh dear. It cant be easy being Raffella Fico!