Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Mario Balotelli. First his ex girlfriend Raffaela Fico denies him a DNA test for their unborn baby, and now she’s labelling him a stalker.

The Italian model has claimed that Balotelli regularly rings her, not to check if she’s okay but to instead shout abuse at her down the phone. Uh oh.

In an interview with Italian magazine Diva e Donna, she said:

Mario must have called me over 30 times. I thought he was calling me to find out how I was but he shouted and called me names.

He was trying to stress me psychologically. He wants to stalk me. He upsets me. All I ask of him is respect. I want this to be a calm, tranquil pregnancy. I just want to ask Mario Balotelli to stop calling me in the middle of the night. I will never get back with him. After 12 months together I found out he had lots of affairs and a parallel life.

Fico then added:

He’s not the man I fell in love with. I should have realised what sort of person he was when he said: ‘I can go out with escorts, I can smash cars, burn my house. The next day I’ll go out and play and score goals and be the best. I can do what I want.’ I never thought the happiest moment of my life would turn out to be the most difficult

Oh dear. Whether it’s true or not, we’re not convinced that a lot of people will be Team Balotelli. Especially when his opposition is a heavily pregnant woman. Perhaps Mario should stick to training and playing football to avoid anymore aggro.