maverick sabre suit

It’s no surprise that Professor Green is lashing out on Twitter again, but this time the object of his ranting is Akala, who has been using Pro’s Jungle video as an example of how white rappers portray black culture through their music.

Akala recently gave a talk about the ‘Histories of Hip-Hop’ and explained that white artists (specifically mentioning Eminem) would never use stereotypes of white people at their worst for the purposes of a music video in the same way that they often use black people and to make this point, he brought up Pro Green’s visuals for Jungle.

But when the At Your Inconvenience star took to Twitter to confront Akala, it resulted in a debate about whether Pro Green’s video (and even his lyric referring to ‘hungry apes’) could be interpreted as racist:

In the middle of all the miscommunication Akala then dropped Maverick Sabre’s name into the mix, as he also features on Jungle, claiming that the singer hadn’t been happy with the outcome of the music video either.

Maverick Sabre then addressed both artists by admitting that he regrets recording the track with Pro Green:

The video/song ‘Jungle’ displays negativity with no understanding or balance..a negative image of young black men and young working class men that we see all too often..from my view it was a mistake that i have learnt from and gained a better understanding of how i have been affected by the society i am brought up in…i think getting into an arguement like this moving away from a dicussion clouds the point of what we are trying to achieve and change from this mistake..

We have to agree that using Twitter as a means of discussing this issue was a mistake on Pro Green’s part. Could he maybe settle his differences outside of the social networking world next time? Somehow we doubt it.