Maxsta has revealed that before he was a cool rapper, starring in videos with Brazilian models and wearing designer clothes, he was that kid that used to sit in the music room during break time playing the cello.

OK maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but the east Londoner did used to play a handful of instruments. Speaking to Freshly Squeezed, he said

In terms of how I got into music, I used to play like the Cello, the Piano, the guitar, the drums and I never rapped I listened to rock

Maxsta explained that when he moved from south to east London, he began to rap because it was the cool thing to do, probably also realising that playing a classical instrument wouldn’t always guarantee a shag. He added:

It was the cool thing to do in school,was be that guy that everyone wants to hear rap at lunchtime… eventually it kind of progressed, my friends kinda liked it, I thought let me go studio

The Just Jam signee said that being popular in school boosted his profile as well as being played on radio by DJ Logan Sama.

I was one of the popular kids in school, I had moved to this new school and worked my way up to being one of the top boys and that helped, definitely with the girls

We’ll we all like a musical man, especially one who can play string instruments. Now we know where to look if we need someone who’s good with his hands.