Harvey Shows Remorse over Alesha Affair

We never thought we’d see the day when love rat Harvey from So Solid Crew showed any remorse for his (numerous) affairs. But it looks as if  Celebrity Big Brother is making him open up (we’re overlooking the fact that he now feels guilty on national TV in front of millions. Coincidence much?)

In a conversation with fellow housemates Danica Thrall and Jasmine Lennard, he said:

Since the day that I actually got divorced there’s never been one cross word or beef

I got off lightly, she dealt with it graciously

He then added:

What made it worse is when she went I’ll take what’s mine and you take what’s yours and get out of my life, and I was like “oh!”

So basically he was more concerned over the fact that she wasn’t crying over him.

The So Solid rapper was then consoled by Jasmine who claimed the affair was okay because no kids were involved. Where are people’s morals these days?