Now we’re all for taking fashion tips from others, however some fashion choices should not be repeated. And Mel B made a big mistake when she stepped out in the exact same dress Britney Spears wore… 11 years ago!

The Spice Girl wore the D&G lace dress on a trip to Nobu with her husband Stephen Belafonte this week, and we cant really make our minds up as to who looked more like a lady of the night in the saucy dress.

Britney wore her dress at the VMAs in 2001 shocking all who attended, but at least  Mel tried to preserve some modesty by wearing a black body con skirt, and bralet underneath, whereas Britney was more daring wearing just underwear when she rocked it first.

Mel’s husband didn’t seem to mind that his wife was dressed in a black doily. But they were going out to dinner so maybe he was planning on putting Mel on the table and laying a plate on top of her stomach.

This isn’t the first time Mel has been spotted wearing dresses other celebs previously wore. She’s been seen in the same dresses as Regina King, J-Lo and Alicia Keys.

We know it’s hard being original Mel, but if you’re going to steal someone’s style, at least copy an outfit that doesn’t make us want to ask ‘how much?’