Looks like Nicole Scherzinger is trying to make her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton jealous, as the American singer is keen to get Tinie Tempah as a mentor for the judge’s houses stage in this year’s season of the X Factor.

The former Pussycat Doll, who is replacing Kelly Rowland,will apparently be getting the boy’s category, and wants someone experienced to help her. Now this would all be fine and dandy if she and Tinie didn’t have a past. No, we haven’t forgotten all that flirting on the X Factor USA last year.

When Nicole broke up with Lewis in November, Tinie performed on the X Facor USA and the two stars were instantly drawn to one another. A source told the Sunday Mirror

Tinie met all the judges backstage, and he hit it off with Nicole instantly. She was flirting outrageously and it got to the point where all the crew were whispering about something going on.

During the rehearsal for the group performance, Tinie sat next to Nicole on one of the audience seats and the pair started ­dancing together and were being ­extremely touchy-feely

Other men rumoured to be mentors are 50 Cent, Labrinth and Professor Green, but seeing as she already has chemistry with Tinie we think it’ll be a much better way to make Lewis jel.