We know most artists like to be comfortable while performing on stage, but I’ve never been a fan of those who choose to perform barefoot. Though one woman whose toes I didn’t mind seeing, was Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes, who gave a breathtaking performance at BT London Live on Thursday.

Shoniwa wore a  gold, feather embellished dress paying homage to the Team GB Olympic athletes who had won gold. Understandably it’s hard to find shoes to match such a well thought out dress, but I think it was more of the crazy dance moves and trying to find a comfortable position on stage that made the talented singer decide to take her heels off. 

Well we just hope this doesn’t start some sort of trend, we don’t know how we’d react to Tulisa wearing some garish outfit without shoes.

Check out some more pics of The Noisettes below.